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I Think I might Be Pregnant

If you think that you are pregnant, we understand that you may be anxious. Contact us for an appointment and a free pregnancy test. We'll be able to answer your questions, too.

Whatever your situation, we care about you and can help.

Call us at (231) 348-3388.
Our services are free.

I'm Pregnant and Scared

Are you pregnant and scared, confused or angry; and you aren't sure what to do? Please know that we want to help.

Our volunteers will help you look at your options. No judgements. No pressure. Just real help.

Call us at (231) 348-3388.
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Our services are free.

I had an Abortion
and Didn't Expect This

If you are struggling with depression, guilt, relationship problems, or even nightmares, give us a call. For some women, abortion does not "fix everything", but sometimes brings on new struggles.

We want to help. Give us a call, we can talk. There's things we can explain, but mostly we can just listen.

Call us. (231) 348-3388.

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